2 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Kit in Pakistan

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Voltage: DC 6V
Current: 120MA
Reduction rate: 48:1
RPM (With tire): 240
Tire Diameter: 66mm
Car Speed(M/minute): 48
Motor Weight (g): 50
Motor Size: 70mm*22mm*18mm
Noise: <65dB Tire Size
Tire Size Center hole: Long 5.3MM, 3.5MM
wide Diameter: 66MM
Width: 26MM
DC Gear Motor
No load speed (6V): 200RPM ±10%
No load current (6V): ≤200mA
No load speed (3V): 90RPM ±10%
No load current (3V): ≤150mA
Voltage: 3-6 V
Reduction ratio is 1:48


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2 Wheel Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit 



2 wheel car robot chassis is with speed encoder. it has a mechanical structure and it is also very easy to install. we can make a fantastic line follower robot and also a maze solving robot. this chassis has all the necessary space for all necessary electronics. by using this chassis with Arduino UNO R3 we can make an ideal DIY Project kit.




Voltages are DC 6V
The current value is 120MA
The reduction rate is 48:1
RPM (With tire) value is 240
Tire Diameter is 66mm
Car Speed(M/minute) is 48
Motor Weight is 50gram
Motor Size is almost 70mm*22mm*18mm
Noise is <65dB Tire Size
Tire Size Center hole is  Long 5.3MM, 3.5MM
wide Diameter is almost 66MM
Width is 26MM
DC Gear Motor
No-load speed (6V) is 200RPM ±10%
No-load current (6V) is almost  ≤200mA
No-load speed (3V) is almost 90RPM ±10%
No-load current (3V) is ≤150mA
Voltage is in between 3-6 V
Reduction ratio in the smart car is 1 ratio 48



Features of Smart Car Chassis:


it is ideal for DIY

its mechanical structure is simple, and it is easy to install

This robot car is the tachometer encoder

it is With a 4 AA battery box (batteries not included)

it can be used for distance measurement, velocity

it can use with other devices to realize the function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control

its size is 20 x 14cm (L x W)

Wheel size is almost 6.5 x 2.7cm (Dia. x H)

its weight is 50g.

The motor power supply is 3V ~ 6V.

The car Chassis is transparent, you need to tear out the protective paper.



Package included:

1 x Car chassis
2 x Gear motor
2 x Car tire


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