2212 950KV Brushless Motor in Pakistan


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2212 950KV Brushless Cw Ccw Motors For CX-20 Dji F450 F550 Xk X380 X380A X380B X380C Rc Quadcopter Multicopter Drone


2212 950KV Brushless CW CCW Motors Parts for DJI F450 F550 XK X380 X380A X380B X380C RC Helicopter Quadcopter drone parts

Characteristics: This product is simple in design and easy to install. It is a 2212 950KV brushless motor that is suitable for the XK X380 RC quadcopter. Made from new metal materials, it is of high endurance and can serve longer. Use high-quality electronic components, strong power, and high efficiency. Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Specification: Brand: For XK Article number: X380-008 Product Name: Brushless CW Motor KV Value: 950KV Thread: CCW CW can choose Material: Metal Suitable for: For XK X380 RC quadcopter Item Size: Approx. 50x30x30mm / 2.0×1.2 x 1.2in Packaging Size: Approx. 5×3.2x3cm / 2×1.4 x 1.2in Package Weight: Approx. 54g / 1.9 oz

XK 2212 950KV Brushless CW Motor + Brushless CCW Motor for XK X380 RC Quadcopter

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