Motorcycle Mobile Holder with USB Charger in Pakistan

  • Specially designed for Bike Riders at Uber, Creem and Bykea
  • Best Mobile holding Capability
  • Scratch Proof Body
  • Mobile Holder with Charger
  • Adjustment for different Mobile Sizes

1,000.00 950.00


Description of Motorcycle Mobile Holder


This mobile holder ensures that you will enjoy your ride. It will be feasible also in hilly areas. It is no matter where you are cycling or riding in the city or in the mountainside. You can use it easily while adventuring in the wild. It is the best cycling friend you have ever had. It can be easily placed or removed without the need for extra tools. It is consisting of a one-button release design. It has a special design for a bike. And it is specially designed as a bike holder.  It enables 360-degree rotation for landscape or portrait screen view. It is not so hard and there is no risk of scratches. Its material is non-slip. It has clamps and keeps the device secure. It also has a band that will stable your device more.




It is a screwless design.

It supports the 360 angles of rotation.

It can grip the phone vertically and sideways.

It has a flexible clip size fit for 3.5 to 3.6-inch smartphones.

It phone compatibility is 3.5 to 3.7 inch

It is made of ABS material.

It can be mounted on any bicycle or motorcycle.

It locks your phone securely.

It passes the shaking test.

You don’t need to worry about falling out when you are riding.




It can be applied to universal mobile phones.

Package Included:

One Joint part

One Chuck

One Clip

One Lace


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