Laser Range Finder Module LDB6-X7N2 in Pakistan

Laser Range Finder
Distance Measurement Module
Latest Version
Compatible with Arduino, STM and Raspberry Pi
Easy to use



The laser range finder module is the laser beam which is used to determine the distance to an object.

The distance finder module works on the rule of time of flight principle. The time of flight principle is to calculate the distance by sending the laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the object and by this laser beam this device measures the time taken by the pulse to be reflected back to the target and returned to the sender.

As we know the speed of light is very fast and we cant approaches this speed that’s why this laser is not appropriate for high precision such as sub-multimeter measurements.

But the triangulation technique and other techniques are mostly used.

We have a long-range distance finder that is capable to measure distance up to 20 km. we can place it on the tripod with an angular mount. Due to the other useful techniques system also provides azimuth. And it also provides elevation measurements.

LRF emits a laser beam at the push of a button.  We know how fast the beam was traveling and the unit can simply use that time to calculate the distance. And after that it displays the distance to the user.



Its electrical flow is 2 mA.

It used 3V DC.

It’s measuring 120 mA.

Its range is 0.350 meters.

Its distance measurement speed is 0.3 to 3s.

Its accuracy rate is +- 1mm.

Its storage is -20 to 60.

It uses temperature -10 to 40

The size of this module is 45 x 25 x 12 mm.

Its weight is approximately 38g.



Technical Parameters:

Its resolution is 0.01mm.

The distance unit is meter.

its module number is LDB6-X7N2
it’s known as Laser Range Finder
it’s known as Distance Measurement Module
Latest Version
it is Compatible with Arduino, STM and Raspberry Pi
it is easy to use