About Us

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What we really do?


We are importer & exporter of Electronic Components and devices like Arduinio, Raspberry Pi, sensor, modules and all breakout boards etc

We provide easy way of buying products on our online electronic store; www.epro.pk


Our Vision

Our vision is to support the educational and industrial sector of Pakistan with product from every nook and corner of the world available at your door step. For any On Demand product we are always available for any request at any given time with just a call away. We vision ourselves to be the solution provider and solution entrepreneur for industry as our operations base widens


History of Beginning

Electronics Pro (EPRO) have a long history and is not a new bi with Years of hard work and dedication which has presented you with a lot of range of products. Its foundation is based in 1983, the history of our ancestors by the name of Elektronik2000, a big name in the market which have been serving the students, industry and masses in a peculiar way for all their needs.


Cooperate with Us!

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What can we do for you ?

Support 24/7

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Best Quality

We always work in best quality products. Our believe is to provide the quality products in Industry and Academia to enhance the technology.

Fastest Delivery

We dispatch the goods same day of order through TCS and M&P. We have representatives for Lahore. We make sure the delivery of orders within 2 hour all over Lahore.

Customer Care

We have customer care cell also for our honorable customers. We provide after sales services. Goods can be returned or exchanged within a week if not acceptable.

Over 2000 Satisfied Customers

By the grace of Almighty, We are increasing the number of satisfied customers day by day. We have more than 2000 satisfied regular customers