10K Dual Potentiometer / Linear Stereo Potentiometer B10K shaft 15mm



Potentiometers, or “pots” to electronics enthusiasts, are differentiated by how quickly their resistance changes. In linear pots, the amount of resistance changes in a direct pattern. If you turn or slide it halfway, its resistance will be halfway between its minimum and maximum settings. That’s ideal for controlling lights or a fan, but not necessarily for audio controls. Volume controls have to cater to the human ear, which isn’t linear. Instead, logarithmic pots like this one increase their resistance on a curve. At the halfway point volume will still be moderate, but it will increase sharply as you keep turning up the volume. This corresponds to how the human ear hears. Using a log pot therefore gives the effect that a setting of full volume on the control sounds twice as loud as a setting of half volume. A linear pot used as a volume control would give large apparent changes in loudness at low volume settings, with little apparent change over the rest of the control´s range.

Resistance Tolerance:1
Technology:Carbon Composition
Rated Power:1
Type:Rotary Potentiometer
Operating Temperature:1
Max. Operating Voltage:1
1X  10K Dual Log Potentiometer / Variable Resistor B10K shaft 15mm

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