128×64 Graphic LCD in Blue Color in Pakistan


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Product Description of Graphic LCD of Blue Color


This graphic LCD supports Chinese characters,  English characters, and even graphics. 128×64 Graphic LCD is very suitable for interactive work with Arduino. Graphic LCD is a framed graphical LCD . its size is 128 x 64. It has a liquid crystal display with backlight. This LCD has a very clear result with the STN type. It is with a simple command interface. Its libraries are also available below this page.


Features of Graphical LCD:


This LCD display module is available with a blue or green backlight.

It has a wide viewing angle.

It has high contrast.

We can easily interface with an MCU.

It is low power consumption.


Specifications of 128×64 Graphic LCD:


  • Operating Voltage is 5V
  • it is with Chinese font
  • it has a blue backlight
  • Controller used in it  ST7920
  • its Size is  93x70mm


It displays 20 characters in 4 lines.

Its input voltage range is 4.5V to 5.5V.

The operating voltage for LCD is 5V Direct Current (DC).

Its interface consists of 6800 8 bit parallel.

Positive transflective is its display type.

Its backlight consists of blue and green.



Package Included in it :

One blue color LCD 128 x 64.


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