4A Buck Boost Converter Module with LCD in Pakistan


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Description of 4A Buck-Boost Converter Module Adjustable Buck-Boost Board With LCD Display 



Buck-Boost Converter is discussed here. The connection of LCD input and output voltage, output current, output power, input anti-reverse protection, reverse connection will not burn. This module could be step-up and step-down also. The output voltages are arbitrary regulation and its range is 0.5-30V.  The current arbitrary regulation value is 0-4A. the battery will charge without any anti-reflux diodes. It also has the On/OFF status button. We can set the button as power-on default is On or Off. Here we use ascending and descending chip as the main controller. We use an external 60V 75A MOS tube. We use this tube as a switch. This module has the double 60V 5A SS56 Schottky rectification. Its voltage value is 60V. The device pressure value is not sufficient but MOS tube and Schottky diode pressure value must be greater than input and input voltage.  Its output ripple value is so small. And it also has an LC filter. Buck COnverter is available at epro.pk.



Product Description of Buck-Boost Converter Module:



It has LCD input and output voltage, output current output power

The reverse connection input anti-reverse protection will not burn.

It could be step-up and step-down. The arbitrary regulation of voltage and current is output voltage is about 0.5-30 V and the current value is 0-4A.

The battery will charge without additional anti-reflux diodes.

Users can set the button default as ON or OFF. It also has button control output ON/OFF.

Its output ripple value is small and it also has an LC filter.

It also contains a heat sink.


Specifications of Buck Module:


Input voltage: 5.5-30V (input voltage 5V, you can normally achieve buck-boost, but the voltage and current meter values ​​are not accurate; less than 4.7V, under-voltage protection)
Output voltages are approximately 0.5-30V
Output current range is in long-term stable work in 3A and strengthens the heat can reach 4A
Output power is 35W natural cooling. It has heat dissipation to enhance 50W.
Voltage display resolution is about 0.05V
Current display resolution is 0.005A
Module efficiency is about 88%
Yes, it has Soft-start
Yes it has Input reverse protection
Yes it contains Output anti-intrusion
it also has Short circuit protection
its Working frequency is 180KHZ
its Size is 6.6*4.8cm/2.6*1.89inch


Package Includes:

1 x Module of Buck-Boost Module Adjustable Buck-Boost Board With LCD Display

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