IOIO OTG Development Board for Android App in Pakistan



Description of IOIO Development Board for Android Applications and PC: 

IOIO OTG Development Board printed circuit board specially designed to work with Android and PC applications. Users can connect his application on an Android device. We can connect our app to our PC to a low level peripheral like PWM, GPIO, ADC, UART, and SPI. This module does not require you to write two pieces of software. This IOIO device just requires writing client-side software. You can use a high –level programming language. It is so fast and simple to do some prototyping and development with IOIO.

Pins Working OGT Development Board:

It has a USB connector which is Micro-AB, female.

These USB connectors used to connect to the host computer. It is also used to connect with an Andriod device or a Bluetooth dongle.

It has 2-pin JST and a female Power jack.

The power jack is used for power supply to the board. Its voltages are between 5V to 15V should be supplied.

It also has GND pins.

GND is used for the ground connection.

VIN pin is used for outputting the power supply to the board.

We can power it up as an alternative input to the power jack.

5V output from the on-board regulator.

5V can be used in your circuit.

It also has 3.3V pins. 3.3V from the on-board regulator which can be used in your circuit.

It contains I/O pins. It has 46 pins.

I/O pins are used for general purposes.

It also has a Power LED. It will glow when IOIO gets power.

It has STAT LED. It is general-purpose onboard LED. This is under application control.

MCLR pin is not used normally. It is used for programming new bootloader firmware on the IOIO board.

It IOIO board contains a BOOT pin. This special pin used for getting the IOIO into bootloader mode on power-up.

BOOT pin is also shared with stat LED.

CHG is charged with the current trimmer pin. It is used to adjusting the amount of current supplied on the VBUS line of the USB. It is used when it is acting as a USB host.

Charge current trimmer used in a battery-powered application with Android to prevent the Andriod from draining the battery quickly.

When we turning in the + direction increases charge current.

It contains the host switch. The IOIO-OTG will detect whether it should act as a host. It supports non-standard USB cables. And adapters use micro-B type.


Onboard Pins:


  • BOOT pin
  • CHG pin
  • Host Switch
  • GND pin
  • USB connector
  • VIN pin
  • 5V pin
  • 3.3V pin
  • I/O pin
  • Power LED
  • MCLR pin
  • IOIO board
  • female power jack


Package includes:
1 x IOIO-OTG Development Board


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