MQ131 O3 Ozone Gas Sensor Module in Pakistan


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Description of MQ131 Sensing Ozone O3 Gas Detection Sensor Module



SnO2 is the sensitive material of the gas sensor. It has a lower conductivity in clean air. MQ131 Gas Detection Sensor detects ozone gas. Ozone gas exists when the sensor’s conductivity is higher it means that the gas concentration rising. It converts the change of conductivity to correspond output signal of gas concentration. It has a high sensitivity to Ozone Gas. it is also sensitive to CL2, NO2, etc.




It has good conductivity to ozone gas.

It covers a wide range.

It has a high sensitivity to Ozone.

It has a simple drive circuit.


Features of MQ131 Gas Detection Sensor:


  • It has a TTL output. TTL output valid signal is low.
  • When the output is low than the signal is bright.
  • It can be connected to the microcontroller IO port.
  • Its analog output decreases when the concentration increasing.
  • The signal output indicator light.
  • It is highly sensitive to ozone gas.
  • It has a long service life and reliable stability.
  • It has a fast response and recovery feature.



MQ131 Ozone Gas Detector Module Parameters:


Its working voltages are DC 5V.

Its detection concentration is 10ppb to 1000ppb.

Its size is 35 x 22 x 30 mm.



Package List :


  • One-piece of MQ131 Gas Sensor Ozone Module For Arduino UNO Mega2560 R3 Raspberry Pi



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