XM-18sw Controller WIFI remote intelligent control temperature and humidity controller

Model: XM-18SW
Weight: 1.13KG
Size: 10.2*29.7*12.6cm



  • Provide with a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor
  • Fully-intelligent microcomputer humiture incubator controller
  • After 18SW downloads the APP from the Google Store, some national languages are not automatically translated, but Chinese will be displayed. The reason is that the customer’s mobile phone language is not English. The solution is: set the mobile phone language to English, then the information in the APP will change Into English.
  • It can help you configure the appropriate temperature and humidity that incubation needs according to the data
  • With four digital display screens to show temperature, humidity, number of days of egg rotation and incubation, this will help you to know all the incubation data immediately

Item specifics:
Model: XM-18SW
Weight: 1.13KG
Size: 10.2*29.7*12.6cm

The main technical indicators:
1.Temperature display range: 0~ 40.5℃
2.Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1℃
3.Humidity display range :0-99% RH
4.Humidity accuracy: ± 0.3RH
5.Output terminals: 6 Roads (Main heating, sub heating, exhaust (ventilation), left turning, right turning, humidification)
6.Output power: 1000W for main heating, 800W for sub heating, 800W for humidification, and 500W for other outputs.
7.Turning eggs frequency: 999, the largest recorded.
8.Turning eggs cycle: 0 to 360 minute adjustable (pre-set at 1.5 hours)
9.Turning eggs time: 0 to 600 seconds adjustable (factory set at 180 seconds)
10.Ventilation time :0 to 720 minute (adjustable, pre-set 2hours)
11.Ventilators time :0 to 600 seconds (adjustable, factory set 15 seconds)

Working conditions:
1) Working voltage: AC 180V-220V; Frequency 50Hz
2) Can work under fluctuating power grids.
3) Can work under the outside magnetic interference.

Package List:
1 x XM-18SW Controller
1 x Temperature and humidity probe

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