Electronic Speed Control (ESC) 30 Amp in Pakistan


30 Amp Brush-less DC Motor ESC



Let’s know about Electronic Speed Control (ESC) 30 Amp 


Electronic Speed Control (ESC) 30 Amp has extremely low output resistance. It has super current endurance. It also has multiple protection features like low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, and throttle signal loss protection. It is compatible with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter with smooth, linear and precise throttle response. Its size is 65 x 25 x 8 mm. Its weight is 32g. its maximum current is 30A. and BEC output is 5V and 2 amp.


Features of ESC 3A:


It is the best multirotor of 30A ESC.

It gives the best solution for multirotor.

It has the highest efficiency. It is a 100% N-FET design.

It has the highest accuracy with Crystal Oscillator.

It has No over temperature cut off. because any kind of cutoff in a multirotor is equal to crash.

It has a high refresh rate and no buffering of the input.

It has a 16kHz motor frequency.

It gives the fastest response of the motor and it has the quietest operation as well.

It is super simple.

We cant to program it for use.





its size is 57mm x 25mm x 8mm.

The net weight is 108g.

Package Weight is 118g.

its color is Yellow.

it has BEC Power.

Cut Off Voltages are 4V.

it has BEC.

its BEC Power is 1.5A/5V.

we can Reset Throttle Lowest Con.

Current is 30A

Battery Range is 5-10 Cells

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