HC-11 HC11 433MHz wireless RF serial UART module in Pakistan


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HC-11 433Mhz Wireless to TTL CC1101 Module Replace Bluetooth For Raspberry Pi


1. PS:HC-11 can not connect to HC-12.Their work is independently each other .
2. Silent current 3. 4ma, ultra-low power consumption.
3. long distance, range 1 to 40m.(less than 1 m, module can’t work normally).
4. Support 3.3V~5V.
5. Support serial pass-through mode, replacing serial line (half duplex).
6. Support IO level,also means transmitting digital level model.
7. Support IO level latch mode.
8. Can set the frequency point, set the address, automatic filtering.
9. Module size: 27.8mm*14.4 mm*4 mm.
10. Suitable for network design.
11. Module supporting software upgrades.

Introduction of the module:

1: FU1 mode:
The default delivery mode.
2: FU2 mode:
The IIDLE current is 80uA,but longer delay, transmission delay is close to 400ms.When use this mode,the serial port baud rate only can be 4800, 2400, 1200.Because of long time delay, when the continuous send serial data to the module, can only send 245 bytes of data by once.Low current consumption, suitable for the application of low power consumption.
3: FU3 mode:
Transmission delay has been reduced to less than 8ms, the corresponding power consumption also increased slightly.
4: FU4 mode:
Transmission distance is longer, the lower baud rate, the longer the transmission distance, the corresponding transmission delay is also a slight increase

AT Instruct:
enter into AT instruct mode:
1. Connect to 3.3V,give low level to the pin 5(keep low),then enter into AT instruct mode. It will exit AT instruct mode when give high level to pin 5.
2. Power off, pin 5 connect to GND, then power on, after 1 second ,module will enter into AT instruct mode. It will exit AT instruct mode when give high level to pin 5.

Instructions as described below:

1. AT
Send this instruction, return OK.
2. AT+V
Return version information
3. AT + Bxxxx
Baud rate is xxxx, it can be 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
4. AT+Cxxx
Set communication channels, form 001 to 127
5. AT+FUx
Switch serial pass through mode, from 1~4

Package included:

1 x HC-11 433Mhz Wireless TTL CC1101 Module Replace Bluetooth
1 x Spring Antenna

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