Panasonic Lithium 9V Battery Rechargeable in Pakistan

For low-drain applications: smoke detectors, security systems, home appliance and Electronic Projects

Lithium technology
Contains no mercury, cadmium or lead
Flat discharge profile throughout its life



Long Lasting 9V Rechargeable Lithium Battery 

A reliable power source for discerning professionals

For serious professionals that need only the best power sources, Ultralife 9 Volt Lithium are the longest lasting, most durable and reliable batteries on the market. These batteries feature 9 Volt power as well as a hefty 1200mAh capacity that keeps low drain devices such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and other safety equipment running longer than any other 9V battery. Coupled with lithium chemistry and a 10 Year Shelf Life, these long lasting batteries are great for busy work sites where you don’t have time to worry about expiration dates. For rugged work conditions, the full metal jacket of Ultralife batteries will keep them safe from boots, tires, dropped tools or anything else you can throw at them.

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