T101 Tank Tracked Chassis Smart Robot Contest Grad in Pakistan


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T101 Tank Tracked Chassis Smart Robot Content Grad


T101 Tank Tracked Chassis Smart Robot Contest Grad is a professional HQ Robotic tank chassis and this tank uses high power DC motors. this tank uses specially customized GM25-370 motor. this tank contains motors with high- quality hall sensor encoder. Get all types of Chassis, Sensors, and Modules at epro.pk.

Specifications of T101 Tank Chassis Smart Robot Content:


  • this tank chassis contains high power DC motor.
  • Aluminum alloy is its material.
  • its size is 185 x 200 x 60 mm.
  • its weight is almost 0.65Kg.
  • its design load is 5 KG.
  • Black Plastic is its Crawler color.
  • Its color is gold, black, silver.
  • its voltage range is 6 to 12 volts.
  • its no-load speed is 170 – 350R / min.
  • its no-load current is 100mA.
  • The recommended voltages are 12V.


Features of T101 Tank Chassis Smart Content:


  • This tank is a large shock absorber.
  • This T101 Tank chassis also has a good damping effect.
  • This T101-P aluminum alloy smart robot car chassis contains high power motors and this tank is good for
    Arduino projects.
  • T101 Tank chassis are also good for Science DIY projects.
  • It contains a 2mm Aluminum alloy car deck which offers exceptional appearance and this feature increases
    durability and stability.
  • it is durable for wireless controller flexible operations.
  • it can run on a heavy-duty track.
  • it contains a metal helmet and high power motors.



Package Included:


One Piece of Smart Robot Tank T101 Chassis Car Motor for Arduino


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