Sensore pressione MD-PS002 vacuum sensor absolute pressure sensor


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Economy, compact;

The chip surface coating protection against water vapor, dust and other chip;

Pressure connection stainless steel, pressure;

Pin-defined, easy connection;

A variety of range to choose from.


The car: tire gauge, car air pump, MAP sensor, diagnostic equipment, steam engine and suspension control, automotive sensors.

Industry: pressure switches and controls, air brake switch, cable leak detection, portable pressure gauge.

Medical: patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment, blood pressure monitors.

Research: aerodynamics miniature absolute pressure sensor.

Range: 150kpa (absolute pressure) pressure range from vacuum (absolute 0 pressure) above atmospheric pressure 50kpa

Remarks: 15psi are range. Vacuum (-100kPa), that can be measured can also be used to measure positive (positive and negative pressure detection) can also be used for the compositescale.

Output: mV signal

Electricity supply: 5VDC or constant current 1Ma of

Linear accuracy: 0.25% FS


Solid, MEMS technology, high reliability

Low cost, small size

Standard pressure range :0-15 ,0-30 ,0-50 ,0-100Psia

Nonlinear <0.20% FSO Piezoresistive sensing technology, the silicon / silicon-bonded chips, good stability Electrical performance (22 ° C) Environmental conditions Temperature Range Operating temperature -40 to 125 ° C Storage temperature -55 to 150 ° C Maximum overvoltage 6X Usually pressure 2X Compatible medium gas Technical indicators (1) Zero output ± 8 mV / v / ± 10 mV / v Full scale output 65-115 mV / 75-125 mV / 170-280 mV Linearity of ± 0.20% FSO / ± 0.25% FSO Hysteresis and repeatability of ± 0.10% FSO Zero temperature coefficient of ± 30 μv / v / ° C Resistance temperature coefficient of 0.30% / ° C Sensitivity temperature coefficient of -0.20% FSO / ° C Zero Thermal Hysteresis ± 0.10% FSO Long-term stability of ± 0.20% FSO Note: 1, all test values relative 22 ° C, 1mA constant current power supply 2,100 KPA pressure range 3,4295 psi pressure range 4, straight-line output 5, in the 0-70 ° C, the temperature coefficient of typical values.

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