Basic Kit for Incubator including W1209 + Casing + Adapter and 2 Pin DC Connector in Pakistan

  • the temperature control range is -50 to 110-degree centigrade.
  • its resolution value is -9.9 to 99.9 is 1 centigrade.
  • Its measurement accuracy is almost 0.1 C.
  • 0.1C is its control accuracy.
  •  0.5 seconds is its refreshes time.
  • Its input power is almost 12V DC.

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Description of W1209 Temperature Controller With Casing 12V 1.5A Adapter and 2 Pin DC Barrel Jack Female


The W1209 temperature controller is used in the incubator kit. it is a temperature switch that contains the temperature sensor. this incubator also contains a seven-segment display. this thermostat controller is very low cost and used in many applications. we can use this complete incubator kit for intelligently control power many types of electrical devices. this thermostat temperature controller based on the temperature sensor. this incubator kit contains high accuracy NTC temperature sensor. this temperature controller incubator contains seven-segment display and embedded microcontroller. everyone can use this thermostat controller switch because there is no need for programming knowledge. this device is based on just plug and play. this temperature controller switch contains 3 tactile switches and these tactile switches allow for configuring various parameters. one function of the temperature controller is to turn ON/ or OFF trigger temperature. this controller switch has an onboard relay. and this onboard relay can switch up to a maximum of 240V AC at 5A. the relay of the controller can also switch up to a maximum of 14V DC at 10A. this thermostat controller switch displayed temperature in degree centigrade. this controller switch displayed the temperature via 3 digits seven segment display. Get all types of temperature controllers at epro.pk.





  •  -9.9 to 99.9 is its resolution value at 1 centigrade.
  •  -50 to 110-degree centigrade is the temperature controller range.
  •  0.1 C is its measurement accuracy.
  • 0.1C is its control accuracy.
  •  0.5 seconds is its refreshes time.
  •  12V DC is almost its input power.
  • Its measuring inputs are NTC between 10K 0.5%.
  • this controller contains a waterproof sensor of almost 0.5M.
  • It contains 1 channel relay output and capacity is 10A.
  • Its static current value is <=35mA.
  • Its current value is almost <=65mA.
  • Its temperature requirement is -10 to -60 C.
  • Its humidity requirement is about 20 to 85 %.
  • Its size is almost 48 x 40 x 14 mm.



  • It is used to measure and display the temperature of any device.
  • It is also used to turn any application ON/OFF which is based on temperature reading.
  • It is also used in the fire alarm systems.
  • It is also used to cut off the electric water heaters.


FEATURES of W1209 Temperature Controller Switch with 12V and 1A Power Supply:


  1. it is 100 percent fully machine SMT.
  2. it based on wave soldering.
  3. this controller gives a stable performance and also good consistency.
  4. this temp controller is an intelligent and lower power consumption module.
  5. this temperature switch controls the accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius.
  6. temperature level observer has Hysteresis 0.1 from setting and you can control the decimal (0.1 to 15.0)
  7. it has an Embedded central processor chip (MCU).


Package Included:


  • One Piece of W1209 incubator temperature controller
  • 12V 1A Power Adapter
  • The Casing of W1209 temp controller
  • DC pin with 2 Pin Connector


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