2 in 1 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter 0 to 100V 50A DC Volt Amp Meter With Shunt in Pakistan




Dual LED Display Mini Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Panel 0.56 inch DC 100V 50A amp volt Voltage Current Tester


We can provide 6V to 30V DC to 2 in 1 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter. It has a separate power supply that is isolated from the source. We can use the same power supply but it seems to affect the amp meter reading. The ground wire is 3 wire harness that connects directly to the battery or supply ground of the load. Get all types of Meters, Sensors, Modules, and frames from Pakistan’s Best Online Store epro.pk.

Specifications of 2 in 1 DC 0 to 100V 50A Voltmeter Ammeter with DC 50A 75mV Ampere Shunt Dual 0.28 inch Red Blue Voltage Detector Current Indicator:


  • 4 to 30 volts Dc is its operating voltages.
  • Its measure voltage is DC 0 to 100V.
  • Its minimum resolution is 0.1V.
  • Its measure current is 50A.
  • 0.1A is its minimum resolution.
  • Its operating current is greater than 20mA.
  • 0.28 inch Three LED digital tube.
  • Its display color is red.
  • Its refresh rate is almost 300mS / times.
  • Its measure accuracy is 1%. (+- 1 digit)
  • Its operating temperature is -10 to 65 degrees centigrade.
  • Its operating humidity rate is 10 to 80% for non condensing.
  • Its working pressure is 80 to 106 kPa.


Features of 0 to 100V 50A Red Blue Digital Voltmeter Ammeter 2in1 DC Volt Amp Meter With Shunt in Pakistan:


  • This volt and amp meter use 2 high-quality digital LED.
  • This meter has high brightness and it can simultaneously display current and voltage.
  • It displays imported MCU sampling and displays current and voltage.
  • Its software has a lot of data processing.
  • Its display is precise and stable.
  • This meter is full-chip technology and it is ultra-small.
  • It also has reverse polarity protection.
  • We can use this meter for monitoring the current and voltage of cars and electric bike batteries.



Applications of Digital Mini Volt Amp Meter:


  • It is suitable for automotive/ electric cars.
  • It is also suitable for motorcycles battery monitoring.
  • It is also suitable for other products to voltage-current measurement


Notice for 2 in 1 Digital Voltmeter Ammeter:


  • 4 to 30 volts is required in thin red and thin black lines.
  • We can connect only be ammeter to the negative of the device under test.
  • It is recommended, the measurement side of the leads are directly soldered to the socket when the black thin line vacant.
  • If you want to use it just like a voltmeter, we recommend that the yellow line and the black line were connected together.
  • It is not suitable when you want to use this current less than 10A.



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