Trace Module TCRT5000 Sensor Probe Intelligent Car Infrared Tracking in Pakistan

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Product Usage:

  • The power meter pulse data sampling
  • Fax machine shredder paper detection
  • Barrier detection
  • Black and white line detection

product description:

  • Using TCRT5000 infrared reflection sensor
  • The detection of reflection distance: 1mm ~ 25mm applicable
  • The working voltage: 5V
  • The output form: digital signals (0 and 1)
  • With a fixed bolt hole, easy to install
  • Small board PCB size: 3.5cm x 1cm
  • Single weight: 4.5g


TCRT5000 sensor infrared emission diodes continue to launch infrared, when the emitted infrared rays are not reflected back or reflected back but the intensity is not big enough, the infrared receiver tube has been in the off state, then the module output is low, indicating The diode is in the extinguished state; when the object is detected within the detection range, the infrared rays are reflected back and the intensity is large enough, the infrared receiver is saturated, and the output of the module is high, indicating that the diode is lit.


  • VCC: then the power supply positive (5V)
  • GND: Connect the power supply negative
  • OUT: high / low switching signals (digital signals 0 and 1)


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